How to Transfer Money from Play Store to Paytm

In this article we will discuss how you can add balance to your Google Play account: How to Transfer Money from Play Store to Paytm. Some also wish to know if they can transfer their Play Store balance to other electronic payment methods such as Paytm.

Adding Balance to Google Play Account

Nowadays most users of Android phones or tablets have a Google Play app on their devices. Moreover, it acts as the main interface where users can find and download any app they need. For that reason, the app needs to be signed into a customer account. Usually, if a user already has a Google account then he or she can sign in with the same credentials into Google Play.

This electronic marketplace not only has free applications but paid ones as well. These include books, movies, games, and other types of apps that are available for subscription fees or a one-time payment.

Steps to add balance to your Play Store account are as follows:

  • Click on the app icon on your phone or tablet’s main interface.
  • Once the app is open, click on your account icon that shows in the top right-hand corner.
  • In the account menu that opens up, you will find the option Payments and subscriptions.

  • When you click on Payments and subscriptions you see a menu of options for payments and purchases.
  • These include Payment methods, Subscriptions, Budget and history, and Redeem Code options.

  • If you wish to add balance to your account, click on Payment methods.
  • Here you get different options to add payment methods of your choice; for instance, one can add a credit or debit card, net banking, UPI, Paytm wallet or redeem gift codes.
  • One can save more than one option for payment.
  • Once a payment method is added the user needs to authenticate the same.
  • After the method is authenticated it is available for adding funds to your Google Play account.

Hence, there are different methods to add balance to your Play account. One of the popular methods is gift card codes. Many countries sell Google Play gift store cards in different convenience or retail outlets. They are also available for purchase online. It is a popular way to gift to anyone as well. If you receive or purchase a gift card from Google Play Store, all you need to do is redeem the same under Redeem Code option. Once you key in the gift card code the amount or balance will reflect in your account. Then you can proceed to purchase or subscribe to apps of your choice.

What is Paytm?

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It is a popular electronic wallet option for digital payments in India. It is RBI approved and is a secure application. Users can download the app on their tablets or mobile devices. Once the app is downloaded they can add money to it by different means such as:

  • Via internet banking.
  • By debit or credit cards.
  • Adding money to the wallet through UPI.
  • One can also transfer money from one Paytm wallet to another.

Uses of Paytm

Today Paytm has become one of the most popular methods to perform different financial transactions in India:

  • Users can pay utility bills such as taxes, gas bills, electricity, broadband or landline, and others.
  • It can be used to pay rent or school fees.
  • It is easy to recharge mobile phone connections, metro cards, broadband connections, and DTH as well as Google Play services.
  • Many users use it to pay credit card bills, post pad bills via their Paytm account.
  • The wallet allows users to book train tickets, flight tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets.
  • The wallet has direct links to buying tickets on IRCTC, BookMyShow portals.
  • It is possible to pay for food and other purchases on apps such as Flipkart, Zomato, Amazon, and Swiggy using the Paytm wallet.
  • Users can also link their Paytm wallet to book rides on Uber or other rental services.

Transferring Money from Paytm to Google Play Store

Paytm is one of the many options that Indian customers can find on Google Play Store. This eWallet can be used to add funds easily to one’s Play account. You can do so with the following steps:

  • Visit your account on Google Play; you can do so on the app or the website as well.
  • Click on Payments and find Paytm among the Payment Methods.
  • It will redirect you to the app interface.
  • You can accordingly add funds to your Play account using Paytm wallet or other options on the Paytm interface.

Transferring Money from a Google Play Store Account to Paytm

There are certain limitations that a Google Play account has which include the following:

  • It is not possible to transfer the balance of one Google account to another, even if they are Play accounts.
  • It is not possible to withdraw surplus funds from a Play account to a bank account.
  • Even if you add funds to a Play Store account using Paytm you cannot withdraw funds back into the same wallet.
  • The same goes for Google Pay; Google Play accounts are separate; even if user credentials are the same, these two accounts cannot be linked or funds transferred from one account to another.

There are different ways to add balance to your Play Store account. For Indian customers, this includes convenient options such as Paytm. However, if one wishes to withdraw their funds back to Paytm from Play Store account that is not possible. It is better, therefore, to add funds carefully to one’s Play Store account, as per one’s requirement for paid apps or paid subscriptions.

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