How to Download Pokemon Fire Red Version in Play Store

Do you love playing Pokemon? If you have recently gotten an Android smartphone then you are in luck. Here we look at features of the Pokemon Fire Red version game and how you can download it through Play Store.

What is Pokemon Fire Red?

To the uninitiated, Pokemon is a video game series that was developed by Game Freak. Most people know it to be a Nintendo game. The first games in this series were released in the late 90s in Japan. Among them Pokemon Red and Blue became popular. These are role-playing video games and the Red and Blue are known as the core series. Of course, there are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which were later released for Nintendo Switch.

How to Download Pokemon Fire Red Version in Play Store

The Pokemon Fire Red version as well as the Leaf Green version are remakes of the 1996 role-playing video games released by Game Boy. These versions were released in 2004. As compared to the original version, the updated software is easier to play. There is more to do and achieve. Also, there are fewer glitches.

The Storyline of Pokemon Fire Red

The Pokemon Fire Red game is set within the familiar Pokemon universe. Some salient storyline features are:

  • The game has the role-playing format as the classic version.
  • The main character has to explore the Kanto region.
  • The aim is to master all the Pokemon battles.
  • The game includes an encyclopedia of 151 species such as Charmander, Pikachu, Snorlax, and many others.
  • Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby appear in the new version. Also, Pokedex is enhanced. There is also a new area that has been added called Sevii Islands.

Gameplay features

Gameplay features of the Pokemon Fire Red version are:

  • They are ideal for hand-held consoles but can be played on mobile devices as well.
  • The main screen shows an overworld where the player navigates the main character in the game.
  • Players can configure the Pokemon of their choice, different items, and settings.
  • When wild Pokemons appear, the screen turns on battle scenes.
  • During battles, players can select moves for their Pokemon or switch their Pokemons as well.
  • Capturing Pokemon is the essential element of gameplay.
  • Players get points as per the type of Pokemon they capture and their success rate.

The Fire Red version as well as the Leaf Green version contains several enhanced features. For instance, there is a contextual tutorial that players can look up at any point during the game. Also, they can continue a saved game.

Pokemon Fire Red on Play Store

Pokemon Fire Red is a game that is not available in APK format for Android devices. If you are looking to download the app and play it directly on your phone then it is not yet possible. However, you can download an emulator software called Game Boy Advance. It comes with a ROM file. All these files can be downloaded via Google Play Store.

Downloading from Play Store on Your Computer

How to Download Pokemon Fire Red Version in Play Store

If you wish to download the game on your desktop, the steps on how to do so are as follows:

  • Start by downloading an APK emulator for your PC.
  • If you are running a Windows PC there are several Android emulator software available.
  • Amongst them, a free basic emulator software that is reliable would be BlueStacks.

Once the emulator software is installed, do the following:

  1. Go to your desktop browser and visit Google.
  2. Once Google page opens go to the top right-hand corner menu.
  3. Click on the menu to find the Play icon.
  4. Click on Play Store icon to visit the website of Google Play Store.
  5. Once Google Play Store opens, click on the search button.
  6. Here type Pokemon Fire Red.
  7. You will find the Game Boy Advance emulator APK files displayed in the search results.
  8. Select My Boy! GBA emulator and click on the download.
  9. The file will download as a ZIP file.
  10. After it downloads, unzip the file.
  11. Load ROM also in the same download folder.

Now you can start playing the game on your desktop. As per instructions, keys on your keypad act as controls. Follow the instructions given at the beginning of the game as to how to maneuver the characters and carry out different actions.

Downloading from Play Store Android Mobile Device

This game is available for playing on Android tablets as well as smartphones. In this game players fight and develop their skills to defeat different Pokemon masters in the Kanto region. Most Android smartphones come with a versatile app called Google Play Store. This app works as a gateway for users to download different types of applications. Whether you are looking for functional or entertainment apps, free or paid applications, they are all available on Play Store.

How to Download Pokemon Fire Red Version in Play Store

The steps for downloading the Pokemon Fire Red game on your Android device are as follows:

  • Visit Google Play Store on your device.
  • Once the app is open, click on the search button.
  • Type the Pokemon Fire Red game to see the results.
  • Find Game Boy Advance emulator software among the results.
  • The emulator software will come with ROM and would be a .GBA file.
  • Download the file and unzip it.
  • Load ROM in the same folder.
  • Find the game app installed on your device.
  • Click on the game and use the controls on the gamepad screen.

Remember that the emulator and the ROM file will be found in the zipped download file. Also, ensure that your Android device has the operating system Android 4.0.

Many gamers of the late 90s would be familiar with the Pokemon games. Even though it is best played on gaming consoles, it is possible to get a similar gaming experience on your mobile device or desktop. If you wish to download the game via Play Store you can do so on the desktop or your smartphone. All you need is the APK emulator software, especially on your desktop. For your mobile devices, the APK emulator and ROM application come as a complete package.

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